About us

Our Story

Fitscoop originated from daily questions asked by a normal Indian person:

  • “How do I get fit?”
  • “What should I buy for myself to reach my body goals?”
  • “How do I buy authentic products?”

While understanding all of these questions, we realized that most of the fitness business shops are owned by the people who don’t have any background in fitness plus there is something fishy going on with the “Fitness Industry” as much of the products in the market are found to fake. So, the founder of Fitscoop, who is a certified fitness professional also a computer geek took a step forward and started to work on Fitscoop.

We collaborated with the importers of international supplements to cut down the fake market channel in between the chain and started to work on making the content that actually provided knowledge to the consumer. We also collaborated with the best logistics partners to make your product available to you at your doorstep as soon as possible, because we know no one wants to wait for her/his protein shake. One of the best examples of the analogy above is when we collaborated with a new logistics start-up that promised same-day delivery.

Yes! We are the first start-up eCommerce in India that provides same-day delivery. Well, as of now this service is available in some parts in northern India and we are trying our best to reach the rest of India with the same dedication and service.

Our Values

  • We, here at Fitscoop unlike other corporates are least concerned about any sales and more about customer satisfaction.
  • Our team comprises of experts from the field of fitness and it can be you also. Just send us your suggestions and we will try our best to respond healthy and speedily.